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  • Users found to be doing any of the below points will be considered to be cheating and will be eliminated from the competition as soon as identified with no contest benefits.
    • People using vote exchange websites/groups
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    • Participants found to be creating multiple accounts to vote for an entry.
    • Participants having acquired a high number of votes via vote exchange websites / groups or proxy server
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SpiderMonkey Technologies, is a registered office at Jaipur Rajasthan, India that organizes free online contests titled "My Contest". My Contest organizes contests/games every month and it is accessed only through the Internet website. During the period of the game, registered website users and those which register during the time period may submit photos of themselves and/or their babies (herein entitled 'Participants'). Results are announced via the website at the closing of each contest.

During the contest, Participants may register on this game website.

Participants are solely responsible for their photos, and must uphold and respect the integrity of the website in posting them. More specifically, Participants must ensure that their photos for contests do not constitute the following:

  • a breach of intellectual property rights of a third-party and/or of companies of group management from which no permission has been acquired and contracted, as they are sole owners of the aforementioned rights. By putting photos online and allowing these photos to be viewed by other site users, Participants guarantee that they retain all rights and authorisations from those concerned, and that they are devoid of all rights and payments concerning posted photos from companies of group management.
  • a threat to public order and publically-recognized morality. It is the responsibility of the Participant to maintain certain ethical standards with regard to pictures and / or comments made available online and, in particular, to refrain from disseminating any violent or pornographic content or that which could be deemed detrimental to the reputation of, or privacy of the individual concerned.
  • harm to individuals and to respect for private life. The Participant agrees to obtain the necessary authorisations concerning reproduction of and representation of any photo from anyone used in photos presented in the context of the contest concerned.

All photos will be refused if they come under below conditions:

  • Any photo outlawed for commercial, moral or public conditions
  • Any photo displaying vulgarity (excessive make-up, representing sexually suggestive poses, etc.
  • Any photo which is contrary to morality and/or public order, particularly those of unclothed persons
  • Any photo representing an element subject to intellectual and industrial property, such as an original work, a trademark, a registered design, etc.

The validation of a photo takes 48 hours maximum. The Organising company is not and shall not be liable for any content posted by a member.

Participants are also responsible for ensuring that any person included in a posted photograph is a legal adult. In the event that a minor (a child) is included in the photo, the participant certifies having obtained written permission from the parents of the two children or their legal guardians prior to reproduction and representation of the photograph. If one of the two parents or the child's guardian does not want the child concerned to participate in the contest, a request for removal from the contest can be honored within 72 hours.

Profiles and photographs submitted to the contest being in one of these cases will not be validated or be removed from the site without formality. The Organising company as well reserves the right to temporarily or permanently block participation in the contest.

  • Persons who may register to the site

    The creation of an account for the My Contest, is open to legal adults (aged 18 and over at the time of registration), or those with the written consent of the parent or legal guardian.

  • Online Registration

    Only persons registered on the website may participate in the contest. Registration is free and without obligation to purchase.

    To register, people must open the My Contest website, the web pages dedicated to the registration and complete all required fields of the registration form.

    The Participant which has not completed all the required fields of the registration form will not be considered.

    Any person registered on the My Contest and who tries to re-register under a different identity in order to participate or vote more than once in the contest will be immediately and permanently eliminated from the competition without compensation for any and all amounts invested.

  • Winning Prizes

    Each participant who has received the highest number of votes in a contest wins one (1) winning prize. These winning prizes can not be extended, replaced or refunded - even in case of loss, theft, damage or destruction. In addition, the winners may not trade or give away their prize.

  • Rights of usage of photographs given to My Contest

    Each participant in the My Contest deliberately authorises that his/her name and photograph be published on the site of the Organising company.

    Each Participant can at any time contact us to remove him/herself from the website.

  • Personal Data

    The Organising company assumes no responsibility for any malfunction of the Internet. Participation in the contest implies the knowledge and acceptance of risk characteristics and limitations of the Internet, the potential misuse of information of any kind, hacking, and contamination by viruses circulating on the network. Thus, the Organising Company declines any responsibility in the event of disruption resulting from the use of hardware used by the Participant, his/her Internet access or any other technical problem preventing the connection of the Participant or causing the loss, delay, the sending of wrong information to the wrong address or incomplete data recording of the email of the Participant. As a result, the Organiser shall in no event be liable for the following:

    • transmission and / or reception of any data and / or information on the Internet.
    • any malfunction of the Internet preventing the smooth running / operation of the Contest
    • the failure of any receiving equipment or communication lines
    • the loss of any paper or electronic mail and, more generally, the loss of any data
    • problems of routing information
    • the consequences of any virus, computer bug, anomaly or technical failure
    • any failure of a Registered member's computer
    • any setting changes
    • any automatic indexing of the site by search engines
    • any payment made by the user and refused by the payment provider of the Organising company or by the bank of the user

    The Organising company shall not be liable for any loss, damage, modification, and inaccuracy of data on participants, which could be caused by website users or by any equipment or programming associated with or utilised in the organisation of the competition or by the Internet network itself.

    The Organising company shall not be liable if, for any reason that is not attributable to it (including any technical problems due to the use of the Internet, software and hardware, fraud, postal problems, strikes and other reasons), there is interruption, extension, suspension, modification, postponement or cancellation of the Contest. In the case of problem arising beyond the power of the Organising company, there will be no compensation of any amounts invested by the participants for the contest.

    The Organiser shall not be liable for any fraudulent behavior of a Participant.

Buying votes

One may buy votes for a participant via the Paytm or Razorpay or Paypal. The Organiser is not responsible for any problems that may arise with these payment providers. Moreover, no compensation will be made by the Organising company for any amount invested. If a Participant has his/her account deleted either by his/her own initiative or that of My Contest, no compensation of the amount invested will be made, regardless of the reason. Moreover, if a member seeking to give votes to a Participant faultily pays for a wrong recipient, no compensation will be given for the amount invested.